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“Making the education Enjoyable and examination stress-free
thereby creating a healthy and happy environment in for Families.”

Prof. Kedar Takalkar

Welcome to Takalkar Classes

More than 3 decades back a visionary saw a dream and made it to reality. It was the incessant efforts of Prof. Kedar Takalkar, that the huge Takalkar Empire came into limelight. With Prof. Mrs Vrinda Takalkar as a support pillar and director, the classes have grown with the quality as well as quantity. Starting initially from 20 students, the class is fully established with name and fame in the coaching segment. Outstanding among all, the distinctive teaching methodology and the favourable environment are the keys towards the success of the students and that of the class too! Needless to say, the class is trusted by the parents as well as students since more than 30 years.


we aim to provide strong conceptual training focusing on clearing the concepts and hence improving the results.We focus on providing right quality of education with most importantly right quantity of education & thereby guiding students to achieve excellence within and beyond Takalkar Classes.


We recognize that each student is intelligent and creative.We provide every student an enjoyable learning by which the learning culture gets into every students family, By understanding and respecting the need of every student .