How to select Coaching Class? Just check and compare these points…

Who will be teaching you once you join the Class?

At TCPL we provide you with the list of the faculties who will be taking your lectures. Such a list is shown in the brochure & on the website.

What is the experience, expertise and qualification of Faculty Team

The most important criteria to judge the competency of any Coaching Class is the experience, expertise and qualification of the faculty team. At TCPL, you can check it just by visiting our any office.

Core Faculty team remains constant throughout the year?

At TCPL, yes. Because we know that if faculties shuffle between many institutes frequently, and sometimes during the academic year, it affects the morale of the student.

Do you arrange personal counselling sessions to improve students performance?

Yes. At Takalkar Classes, we provide three-layer counselling paradigm.

  • Subject Teacher will discuss in detail students problems with student and parents to find the solution in understanding subject properly.
  • Professional Counsellor will speak to student, if necessary.
  • Prof. Kedar Takalkar will speak to student if centre in charge feel it necessary.

Class and Tests timings are fixed?

At the beginning of academic year you are given detailed time table of regular lectures and Weekly Tests which does not changes throughout the year. Hence, you can plan your other hobby classes timing accordingly.

How Parents can control students attendance & performance?

All centres of Takalkar Classes are equipped with Hi-Tech devices like, GPRS enabled biometric machines and CCTV cameras. We get the details of each and every student’s attendance and time he/she reaches for lectures. In case a student doesn’t attend a lecture, his parents are informed about the absenteeism by SMS. Parents can also get such info instantly with the help of App provided to them. Parents can use that App not only to check the regular attendance but also for students test attendance, test’s marks, teacher’s comments on performance or behaviour etc.

What type of infra-structure is available in the Class Rooms?

Heavy daily routine and long distance travelling drains out a student mentally because of which he can’t concentrate on his studies. Up to a certain extent infrastructure also makes some difference. At Takalkar Classes we provide students with well-lit air-conditioned class rooms with Hi-tech devices like GPRS enabled biometric attendance monitoring & Video conferencing facilities.